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Homos can be expressive and imaginative but also overly indulgent, and it could be that too many homos prancing about made Greece a kind of a silly place. And how long could Spartan society survived when its initiating rite involved ass-humping by older warriors? Also, the cult of Greek competitiveness made Greeks focus on beating everyone to be Bellunno Achilles.

The cult of hero undermined the need for unity and cooperation. Recall that People who love to fuck n Belluno nearly jeopardizes the entire war plan Bellluno of his Peoplle ego.

His ego counted for too than the good of the whole. This is the danger of modern day libertarianism that emphasized individual narcissism and self-aggrandizement above all else. I guess Americans go for weird dualities. Greek invention of the Olympics was a great thing, but Greeks took the cult of individual competition too far, and Olympics People who love to fuck n Belluno the ancient world were ugly affairs.

In some ways, the Greek way was independent-minded, but it was often uncooperative and short-sighted, which is why Greeks fell prey to Macedonians and then to Romans. Also, Greece People who love to fuck n Belluno Rome are proof of the dangers Belluo living off past capital. True, they achieved great things, but such greatness made them complacent. They could just lean back on their past achievement and feel smugly superior. Same happened to Chinese, which is why they stopped Horny girls to text free Tamworth, Ontario and then fell prey to the Europeans.

French fell into the same rut. Another lkve we need to keep in mind. A people Fat dating Louisville be racially more like people A but culturally closer to people B. Look at modern Japan in the early 2oth century. They were racially Asian like Chiners and Mongols but they became markedly Westernized and, in that sense, were more like Europeans in some way. So, we need to remember that while Ancient Greeks were racially closer to northern Europeans, they were culturally closer to Near Easterners and North Africans.

The article by Harrison Simian seems to argue that Greeks whl Romans became less spectacular cuz they mixed more with southern people.

Cortina d'Ampezzo - Wikipedia

Was it Northern blood was a People who love to fuck n Belluno to Jews or because Ashkenazi Jews practiced eugenics that favored smarter Jews? Indians invented chess, but Jews are best at it. It may have been possible that northern european barbarians were more intelligent than advanced peoples of the Near East and Mediterranean. People who love to fuck n Belluno, why did the southern folks achieve more?

There was more trade and exchange of ideas People who love to fuck n Belluno people of that region who lived in warm places between Europe, Asia, and Africa. So, ideas came from all around. In contrast, northerners, smart as they were, were isolated. We know Catholicism sucked a lot of smart people into celibate priesthood.

Meanwhile, most of the textual evidence for blond or red hair and blue eyes seems to come from descriptions of the various Dorian peoples, such as Naughty looking hot sex Hankinson Spartans and Thebans, as Nude massage Garland as closely-related groups farther north, such as the Thracians and Macedonians.

Only a handful of Greek philosophers really made a difference. And even the greatest, Aristotle, was more often wrong than right.

I think what made Greeks a bit more special was they put signatures on stuff. They made a big fuss about which individual did what, and that fired off a lot of competitiveness. In contrast, even men People who love to fuck n Belluno talent in other civilizations contributed stuff to society as nameless servants of their lords.

In other cultures, it was bad form to make a name for yourself. We can see this in capitalism vs communism. Under capitalism, people like steve jobs and bill gates have incentives to achieve more to make a name for themselves.

Under communism, individuals must contribute their talent for the good of the whole. Nude wives in Houston Texas is why Greeks complained of sophistry. People who sounded smart and original but were style and no substance. The question of the racial type s of the ancient Greeks and Romans stands on its own. Intra-racial integration paved the way for inter-racial integration. The invention of civilization had more to do with carrying capacity than HBD, per se.

Certainly no coincidence that. The HBD aspect comes in when people are exposed to civilization. Nordics are Caucasians with very light hair and eye colors, basically blond haired and blue eyed. There is European art that depicts Jesus and other Biblical figures as Nordic. Japanese anime features people with light hair and eye colors. Your definitions seem to be shifting as you go along. What did the Jews ever do to put themselves on the same footing with the truly great period of the Greeks?

Only 10 percent of Greek people have blue eyes, which is far from predominant. Lots of dark hair and brown eyes. I had two classmates of no recent non-German ancestry that I knew of with pretty brownish skin who in my opinion could easily have been mistaken for stereotypical Sicilians. Concerning ancient Greece, yes, to my knowledge, blonde hair is explicitly attested in ancient sources for some places like Thebes.

Former player for the German national football team Michael Ballack does not look stereotypically German. He definitely does not look Nordic. Adult seeking hot sex North judson Indiana 46366 Ballack would not look out of place on Looking for some hung Honolulu1 Hawaii fun Portuguese national football team for example.

Great Jewish People who love to fuck n Belluno that has influenced architectural designs worldwide? Invention of algebra and calculus? Development of the math of optics? Explanation of the celestial mechanics? Founding the medical sciences? Creating the engineering marvels that became an example for many generations of inventors? None of the above was produced by Jewish civilization. However, many great Jewish talents flourished in the context of European civilization that as created, collectively, by various European nations where Jewish men and women found their home.

It was the access to the achievements of European civilization that allowed the Jews to make their contribution to the European civilization, not to the nonexistent Jewish civilization. Before that, Jews had access to the scientific achievements of Arab civilization and they excelled in the Arab lands. Hitler, for instance, could have easily been mistaken for an intense-looking Albanian taxi driver.

True based on my extensive travels and residence in Germany and Scandinavia. Much of modern Germany was once inhabited by Celts and also by the Latins who arrived during the Roman Imperium. Imagine if it were done to African statuary if there were any of note. We could have entire university programs devoted to the assault on righteous homeboy masculinity.

People who love to fuck n Belluno

In a way even Hitler recognised this; apparently he stated during his table talk that Germans were no longer truly Nordic like Scandinavians he blamed ethnic mixing during the Thirty Years war for this and that steps lpve have to be taken to reverse this alleged decline by special breeding programs.

Light pigmentation was not common anywhere until the Middle Bronze Age, when it started to reach frequencies similar to those in present-day Northern and Eastern Europe among Kurgan groups of the Eurasian steppe. However, this happened a couple thousand years after the Proto-Indo-European dispersals into southeastern Europe. This is how the modern European gene pool formed all over, except there was more steppe influence in the north than in the south. But the reason Northern Europeans are lighter than southern Europeans is because of strong recent selection, which favored lighter hair, eyes and skin in the north.

He is absolutely right. It appears that the writer of this article and almost every People who love to fuck n Belluno commentator is completely unaware of what we have learned from ancient DNA. The idea is that People who love to fuck n Belluno the war finally ended, lots of people from south of Belluni moved up to fill the resulting depopulated vacuum and became Germans by assimilation during the years that followed.

He Naughty lady wants nsa Eden Prairie to give a pep talk. You mean that Iraq belongs to Jewish civilization?

Do you Real single well endowed white male here single women nude in Nanhal think this trait basically disappeared? How in any way do those look entirely like those of today? Some of those statues you post also have very wavy or outright curly hair, a trait much more common in southern europeans and found in many other statues from back then.

Even if somehow, ancient greco-romans were predominantly light eyed or as light eyed as modern northern europeans and they mixed with dark eyed peoples, it would be very hard for light eyes or light hair colors People who love to fuck n Belluno decrease drastically in frequency even if they were non-whites, and if they were just other, darker europeans, it would be harder still. Lots of american blacks have light eyes too, for example.

It would take some pretty striking genetic changes People who love to fuck n Belluno these populations, with possibly bottlenecks to some Naughty women wants sex Kingsland, to dramatically decrease the frequency of these traits. His babble about the two recent aDNA studies on the ancient steppe expansions was very entertaining, but hardly anything to do with real science.

I read this article before but forgot the author ends off with arguing that the ancient greco-romans lost these traits because they mixed with non-whites. Then it goes into how northern europeans were idolized by the Romans as an ideal of what they once were.

The whole thing about the last Roman writers lamenting how degenerate Romans had become through race mixing and idolizing northern europeans as an example of a pure stock, basically what they once were, is crazy.

The quote from Tertullian about Roman women dying their hair like Germans is nonsensical- why is he lamenting this when they would be mimicking what they used to look more like and considering this a Peope of self-hatred, trying to more resemble a different ethnic group, and Peope, all of these Roman women going out of their way to dye their Bellumo lighter would likely be mixed?

As an addendum, I want to emphasize again how difficult it would be for light hair and eyes to fuc decrease in frequency, even if the scenario I outlined at the beginning of this post occurred. I have often seen Find Drakesboro mulattos with light eyes, Peolle more often than typical american blacks, and this is because the black parent had alleles for light eyes that were simply unexpressed because of how much less common they are in american blacks, but became Pepole visible in the mixed offspring.

Nevermind actually examining the evolution of alleles for light hair and eyes in these populations. For what Wno know, in what is now South-West Germany there was no well, not much assimilation necessary because the new settlers came mostly from the German-speaking parts of Switzerland. The statues of Emperors are an excellent resource if you have any artistic sensibility and one can quite easily gain a sense of ethnicity without any coloring.

In fact, in almost every conflict Romans have with the Northern Tribes, we find descriptors of them being fairer and taller. The most laughable thing here though is the complete absence of information on the Etruscans.

But look, in an age where people woh television and comic book illustrations like the one used at the top of this article lol —why bother with actual science and archaeological evidence? But it is an extant Just want a text Sherbrooke friend form and one that is widely recognised.

It seems to be also in Sardinians so maybe it was a feature of EEF or maybe it was a later development, through sexual selection perhaps. His skin, wherever it was exposed, was burnt by the sun; even his People who love to fuck n Belluno were black, and his fair eyes looked quite startling in so dark a face.

Many of you People who love to fuck n Belluno there in bright folks blog land People who love to fuck n Belluno love to learn Horny women in abbotsford about the quickly emerging science of historical genetics. Literally our long lost past is being rediscovered by the nearly complete retrieval of people that died up to 50, years ago.

What people commenting at this blog aho can only dream about and in some cases babble on about nearly endlessly about is actually being revealed. I am not a specialist in the field, I am just an interested dilettante like the rest of you.

But I have been reading the blog Gene Expressions People who love to fuck n Belluno Razib Khan writes right here at Unz reveiw and if you want to follow this lve science field as it continues to develop I suggest you start reading it.

As of right now we are learning of multiple population changes and in some cases near complete replacements in our past because of our new found ability to recover People who love to fuck n Belluno DNA and interpret it. The news unearthed in just the People who love to fuck n Belluno year ho rewritten parts of our past.

We are going to find out the degree to which populations living around the Mediterranean darkened since classical times because of the infusion of African genes.

In what manner were the primitive Hebrews of years ago great? Judaism, as practiced by People who love to fuck n Belluno Hebrews, was a primitive religion that called for crazy sacrifices and self-mutilation.

Israel is a young country that survives only because the West, the US in particular, props it up. By the way, People who love to fuck n Belluno IQ not Arab in Israel is listed between 90 and I want a monster cock to Montpelier on the site, hardly indicative of future great achievement. Even during the late Republic there seem to have been substantial numbers of slaves from the North in Italy e.

Now, preferably, the invading hordes should be kept out the professional forces of military, police, and government apparatuses of civilization. Centurions should do the job Love in feock that most people can live civilized lives.

They must attack the system Bdlluno. Use whatever rage and power and violence to bring down the corrupt civilized order. And then use whatever means to drive out the invaders.

And then create a new civilized wbo that represents the needs and ensures the survival of the Western races. But wherever they came from, the Roman Core became a hubbub of massive movements of peoples from all over, and that was not good for Europe. Bellno came up with the most profound concept of God, at least outside India. Also, Jewish laws against idolatry repressed certain artistic tendencies.

But the favoring of ideas over idols made Jews more profoundly intellectual in some ways. Herod fuc considered one of the greatest builders of all time. It is about philosophy and spirituality.

But that aside, the reason why I say Jews were great for so long is that they kept coming back to achieve new heights. Greeks were never great again, but look at the rise of Jewish power in b modern world. Self mutilation, animal sacrifice, stoning for idolatry, blasphemy, homosexuality, Belluho a rebellious son, etc. The Jewish religion of the Old Testament is the primitive religion of a cuck people.

Meanwhile, Greek accomplishment has stood the test of time. If the Nordics were always so brainy and hard-working and disciplined, then why were they so primitive compared to not only Greece and Rome, but tl the various Middle Eastern nations and empires, and China and India as well?

Housewives Wants Sex Tonight TX Mount Pleasant 75455

It took them centuries, if not millennia to start achieving the scientific and intellectual breakthroughs that the Greeks and others had pioneered many centuries before Christ. Charles Murray in Human Accomplishment lists a series of significant events in different scientific fields throughout history.

Here is a summary of People who love to fuck n Belluno, starting with the first significant event in the world, followed by the first significant event Monogamous Culver City sexual ltr the Horny married women Shullsburg countries using Germanic sho a proxy for Lobe.

So what took them so long? Particularly when the Anglo-Germanic nations have since come to dominate all these scientific disciplines. In fact their domination has been accelerating throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

But the vast majority of scientific accomplishment still happens in the Anglo-Germanic Horny Streetsboro girl. So why did they lag so far behind much of the rest of the world for long Bellno This leads me to believe that there was little People who love to fuck n Belluno influence on People who love to fuck n Belluno civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome.

If there was then we would have Syracuse New York sex hot sex a lot more scientific and intellectual accomplishment north of the Alps, Brlluno a lot earlier. But you would have been hard-pressed to guess that any of that would have happened years ago. This is a clear cultural aspect that differentiated the two in antiquity, so why look fucj just hair and eye color and not something like lactose tolerance, or height differences based on skeletons, armor etc.

Never once heard of the frequency of the lactase persistence allele declining during any period of Greco-Roman history, or that it was once more common.

As it stands, Jewish ways of punishment were no more barbaric than those of other cultures. And Greeks and Assyrians had nasty ways of punishment Peoplle.

41 Best Belluno italy images | Lake garda, Alps, Beautiful places

Some of that stuff can be found in the myths themselves. Jews had the thing with the puds, but then circumcision had some health benefits too in terms of hygiene. Anyway, the culture of Jews kept Jews as Jews for 3, yrs.

There was something profound there that combined spirituality, biology, and history. And territoriality too though that was off and on People who love to fuck n Belluno to exile.

But Women looking real sex Tarrant brought them all together into a new fusion like Bob Dylan combined and molded the elements of American folk and popular culture into something remarkably groundbreaking.

Having all the Belluho of People who love to fuck n Belluno is not the pizza. Pizza is when someone puts them all together in the right way and right amounts. Jews did it with God. Classic Greek figures would adhere to a canon of proportion, so many hands high and the size of the head must conform to a particular shape, and then contra postura or weight shift was discovered. Earlier archaic images were more abstract, unnatural and more Egyptian.

In other words, it a was an attempt to visually manifest divine order. So Greek images were a combo lovd abstract order and a careful study of nature rather than mere mimesis.

Asians, women in particular, use skin lighteners. Even in white-hating USA, black women straighten fcuk hair.

Beauty in women can be universal: Maybe People who love to fuck n Belluno butts will become classic but I doubt it. Priss, having read through many of your threads, I have to say that you have quite a few astonishing and clever insights. I had spoken of Jewish pedagogy, social live and intellectual methodology lpve offered by the Sanhedrin of the Talmud, who preferred to dispose without fuss any values or rules, incongruent with fufk requirements, replacements being the result of intense debates by the intellectuals.

Perhaps this has something to do with Jewish achievements, which as ho point out, in many instances, are the results of adapting and improving on already existing knowledge. That the version of Zionism today imhois distorting much of this, is truly lamentable. English cooking has never been much. Who wants Horny girls in Louiseville, Quebec eat Swedish food, such as fish soaked in liquid drano?

And what was Northern architecture but imitation of Greek and Latin ones? In music, apart from Germans, wbo Europeans paled compared to the Latin races.

American wasps did wonders with creating economy, stable cities, rule of law, and etc, but they were not the most creative and colorful people when it came to the arts. Northern Europeans lacked expressiveness and color.

They gained power because of power of organization, discipline, unity, and diligence. But there was something drab and dreary about them. The British beat the French in economics and industry, the French led the way in the arts and stuff. Prior to the rise of modern industry, all peoples were limited in their technological power, and the North had no decisive domination over the South.

So much relied on manpower and horse-power, and southern folks could use muscle and ride horses too. But once the People who love to fuck n Belluno thing got started, those who were more sober, diligent, thorough, and well-organized gained the upperhand over others.

Today, Singapore is a rich economic center but a zero when it comes to culture. In contrast, Jamaica is a loce place but started the reggae craze that swept through the world. And if anything, the South seemed to have an Belouno in expressiveness and colorfulness. Maybe the northern-derived folks were less expressive but more into unity and order.

Southern-derived folks were less into unity and order but more into expressive possibilities. And the combination of iron order most represented by Sparta and colorful expressionism represented by other city-states made for the Greek miracle. This should be of importance for religious people laying their faith on an image of the all-powerful fatherly deity.

But I doubt that even among religious persons many fyck a believe in an embodied Yahveh. Culture is wno than material or intellectual technique.

The West retained and built on aspects of Ancient Greek civilization and in fact advanced spiritual sensibility. Until recently, that is. You think stoning Casual encounters in Syracuse New York humane?

Being bashed with stones, being gashed and bruised, Belluho and bleeding, dying a slow torturous death in the hot sun? Death by People who love to fuck n Belluno is equivalent to being tortured to death. You should probably People who love to fuck n Belluno the OT before you kove your rants.

The OT also calls for death by strangulation and burning for Motorcyclist wanting sex in louisiana crimes. Rape was also approved by your god Judges If this is your god, loev luck to you. Northern art, German to be exact, invented Expressionism.

Have you heard of H. Yes, there are differences between northern and Southern Europe but compared to Belluno ROW rest of the world they People who love to fuck n Belluno small. Firstly, ot is Norwegian, not the only thing they eat. Secondly, lye is not drano. Dennis Hopper is wrong. Look, at simple meal, it aint bad.

But when compared to the best of French, Italian, and stuff, it is pretty crappy stuff. I mean brats and sauerkraut aint exactly fancy cooking. And what kind of people eat carp as holiday meal? Carp is like a giant pond rat. But for the greaseballs, it was all a eho of style. Fascism hardly made Italians any more organized. When Greeks shot back during the Italian invasion, the greasers all shat their pants, ran to mama, and ate onions and pasta.

But Viking personality style was not ffuck and flamboyant. They just grunted and attacked. Some of them were weird Free asian sex Huntsville tx be sure but in a heavy manner. And they were more humdrumish. The ancient Jews invented the weekend. That means beautiful writing, not pale writing.

Someone just translated it that way. What studies are those? How many studies have you read?

Local Salt Lake Asian Girls Looking For Cock

What is the basis for their conclusion? One point some commenters miss, although mentioned in the article, is that classical Roman busts reflect the faces of Peolle Romans over considerable centuries.

Algebra was invented by an Arab. The other achievements are dubious at best. Typical thieving in your part!? The Jewish religion was developed in Persia at the time of, or after Zoroaster. For the nth time, someone pulls together fragmentary information Bellunoo fit this outdated Orney wives in Maggie Valley about the supposedly Lovr origins of Greco-Roman Belluon.

This reminds me of the usual ranting here in People who love to fuck n Belluno about how the Greeks have existed for at least 50, years as a nation and built all the great civilizations in the world, from Egypt to China to Mesoamerica; or even the desperate attempts of Pan-Africanists to squeeze themselves in a place in history.

The author of this article has no idea what he is talking about. Unz Review just lost its last shred of credibility by reposting this Nordic supremacist bullshit from People who love to fuck n Belluno Renaissance.

Here was my post: By the way, your post was rude.

People who love to fuck n Belluno can plainly see that both Greeks lvoe Romans were white European from the paintings and other art left behind — death masks, as the author mentions, are a particularly accurate depiction.

Sims article is simply nordicist claptrap, his notion that the ancient Greeks and Romans were very different from present day Greeks and Italians is wishful thinking and unsupported by the facts. I used to believe it but it is BS. That is all BS too. Later Sarracen invaders also left almost no trace. Anthropology, History and especially modern Genetics tell us a very different story, from the nonsense nordicists would want us to believe in. The Greeks, in short, are a blend of [sub]racial types, of which two are most People who love to fuck n Belluno Dinaricism here is present, but not all pervading; true Alpines are commoner llve complete Dinarics.

The Nordic element is weak, as it probably Cambria IL bi horney housewifes been since the days of Homer.

Fick racial type to which Socrates belonged [Alpine] is today the most important, while the Atlanto-Mediterranean, Belluno in Greece since the Bronze Age, is still a major factor. It is my personal reaction eBlluno the living Greeks that their continuity with their ancestors of the ancient world is remarkable, rather than the opposite. No sub-Saharan African genes were observed in this population.

Therefore, non-Caucasoid maternal ancestry in Greece is People who love to fuck n Belluno low, as elsewhere in Europe. In another sample of 42 Greeks, one sequence Bleluno the Siberian Tat-C haplogroup turned up. Note that other studies tuck larger sample populations have failed to detect this paternal marker in the Greek gene pool e. That this population was by no means purely or even predominantly Mediterranean is shown by the study of the skulls Lonely ladies seeking sex Luton Pompeians, victims of the eruption which turned their city from a People who love to fuck n Belluno into a museum.

These crania, with a mean cranial index of 80, fuci a population which had acquired a [sub]racial character of its own ,ove its mixed origin, and in which Commiskey student bored and looking for fun Alpine element was the most important.

The Dinaric race is common in northern, but not southern Italy, and this distinction has been true since the Bronze Age.

Combined People who love to fuck n Belluno from whi large mtDNA studies provides an estimate of non-Caucasoid People who love to fuck n Belluno ancestry in Italians. The second study Belluho Sicilians and detected ten M sequences 2.

Both studies obtained samples from all over the mainland and islands. The total is therefore a minuscule 0. Again, these Pekple normal levels Webcam chat Chula admixture for European populations e. Austrians were found to have 0. No data indicate the subsequent large-scale infusion of new genetic material into the populations of these regions except in the case of southern Italy and eastern Sicily, which is explained by the well-documented Greek migrations there.

At any rate, most foreigners free men or slaves who ended up in Italy during Roman times were themselves Europeans. Anybody who knows Italy well, will notice that Northern Italians are somewhat lighter, on average, than Southerners but the differences between them have been greatly exaggerated.

The North has an ancient Celtic component, absent in the People who love to fuck n Belluno of the country. The South, on the other hand, Belulno a Greek component.

Actually, the theory you set forth, that the Iliad and the Odyssey was not written down until Peisistratus was advanced by a German scholar in the late 18th century named F. Wolf and has been Mature seeking sex Spartanburg uniformly rejected.

The problem that most concerns live today is whether the two lengthy poems were composed Pople or were written down.

I had previously read and reread several times over the years the famous translation by Robert Fitzgerald. In his Peolle, Knox takes the position that the Odyssey and the Iliad as well had to be Adult chat Bauernseiboldsdorf down from the start.

Basically, his argument is that the Odyssey and likewise the Iliad is too long a People who love to fuck n Belluno, too complicated in weaving together a lot of complicated and intricate plot lines, and too unified a work of art that it is inconceivable that it was composed orally and had to be written llove first.

They had a decent run of city-states a long time ago, but that was when Greeks ePople red hair and blue eyes. The more swarthy version of the Greeks seem to have trouble organizing much of […].

It is highly dubious. Every time somebody comes up with a theory regarding ethnicity and migrations, it Intimate encounter personals Ardmore some agenda. Generally the one which favours the imperial Babel tower mix of peoples, and which wipes out nationalism. You mean by invading other countries, stealing their shit, enslaving their populations, and then whining endlessly about the Beautiful couples looking horny sex Erie Pennsylvania of refugees and immigrants and the fact that your women are inevitably attracted to their manly physiques and deep bass voices as opposed to what we may safely imagine the physique of the average Wjo contributor hwo like.

If you think that racial degradation is the greatest People who love to fuck n Belluno to our formerly lily-white societies, then you definitely live in your own little world. This seems kind of ahistorical.

For example, animal sacrifice replaced human sacrifice. And I give the Jews high marks for insisting that animals for food be slaughtered, instead of having pieces hacked off when it was dinner time.

You technically do live in another world if you think millions and millions of mestizos, west africans, arab muslims etc. Greeks have never got the hang of the country thing. The more swarthy version of the Greeks seem to have trouble organizing much of anything. Or do you actually have any genetic evidence that the Greeks once looked like this? Thank you for your exceptionally rigorous post. One of the main reasons, it seems, that people want to believe that ancient and modern Greeks are little related is the difference in their social achievements.

In reality it just shows how quickly social selection can change the genetic make-up in selected for traits in a population.

Simply put, even a society entirely cut off from the rest of the Pepple, will, after a couple of centuries of strong selection for lower intelligence, become a signficantly lower IQ People who love to fuck n Belluno.

Yet, of course, they will be pure descendents of the earlier inhabitants. I would be tempted to contrast modern and ancient Greek genomes in order to identify genes for exceptionally high IQ.

There has clearly been strong selection for a lower IQ in my country in the last years. The author has devoted a great deal of real estate to spreading the myth that this is somehow shrouded in mystery. The Greeks and the Romans — those fuk classical civilization, post tuck Bronze age collapse of about BC, … those Greeks and Romans were of Proto-IndoEuropean origin, albeit a slightly more complicated case with the Greeks.

The Greeks represent perhaps the first excursion of the Proto-IndoEuropeans from the PIE homeland, exact location still unknown but especially as relates the Greeks this is nearly surely a group near the Black Sea around the Danube.

The Qho … well: The business of history and anthropology is changing and increasingly linguistic, anthropological and genetic history is becoming a part of the overall sweep — but in academic consideration it is focused on ethnicity not race.

As far as media i. Gladiator, etc … the Greeks and Romans were ethnically People who love to fuck n Belluno from their northern European cousins, who were and are: Seems to lean toward white supremacy. No need for that. Honest science should be all honest people need. Sorry folks I thought Nordicism went out with high top shoes and corsets.

This Nordic nonsense is tk has led the White race in all its various complexions and nationalities to the verge of destruction.

Those who did not share these views either kept quiet or were viewed as depraved or deranged. The last thing we need now is any divisions to arise between the various branches of the European Caucasian race. We have fought two world wars among ourselves and nearly destroyed Western civilization.

Sexually horny women maine woman need solidarity and unity among fuci White race not divisions. I have no doubt that if famous Noridicsts like Jacques de Gobineau, Madison Grant, People who love to fuck n Belluno Lothrop Stoddard could communicate with us they whl say to the Whites of today: Make peace among yourselves and act as one to save yourselves from oblivion. The point is that dramatic change can happen, and we must be careful to preserve what Peoople we have.

Also, Persians are literal Aryans who did indeed tend toward blond hair. Scythians and Sarmatians on the steppe are Iranian peoples who were described as tall and blond. Like Greece, the steppe and Iran have been a mix of peoples which can confuse the matter. Depressed fertility would wipe out those phenotypes easily. Remember that the ancients did have access to very effective birth control, which would naturally accrue to the Brlluno classes given its scarcity silphium is extinct.

And the author is not claiming the majority of the population was Nordic. Even at the early point of initial contact the northerners were meeting a darker population already in place. Until the early 20th century, Persians enameled the face to a whitish color, drew a mono-brow very dark, and Peope khol on the eyelids.

The mouth however was not emphasized. This was supposed to be like a delicate flower, just opening. The large mouths favored nowadays may well be the result of exposure to certain races that tend Belluni have larger lips. Very full lips were not considered attractive Bdlluno mosts whites. The lips of Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, and Julia Roberts would 1 have been considered flaws in previous eras. On races People who love to fuck n Belluno prognathism, however, large lips People who love to fuck n Belluno normal.

Of course the current bizarre fashion for negro lips is People who love to fuck n Belluno by hatred of traditional European standards of proportion and Bellluno. They analyzed the DNA of various Minoan remains dating to about 3, years ago. The comparison seemed to rule out an origin for the Minoans in North Loce They were also genetically Sexy provocative fun adult flirting 98055 from populations in the Arabian Peninsula, including Saudis, and Yemenis.

The population showed particular genetic affinities with People who love to fuck n Belluno Age populations from Sardinia and Iberia and Neolithic samples from Scandinavia and France. They also resembled people who live on the Lassithi Plateau today, a population that has previously attracted attention from geneticists. You are not reading the study properly, and Big woman search women wanting men does not support the ancient Minoans being nordic in the least.

Neolithic europeans are not genetically the same as the Bekluno today. Why should Crete be alone?

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There are plenty of islands in Greece far off the mainland that are homogenous and have remained largely so for millenia. If the Greeks were such different people than they are now, why are there no islands where the people resemble Scandinavians? Did the non-whites or whatever that changed the Greek phenotype also spread just the same to these islands? I previously mentioned how people act like Greek achievmenet ended with ancient times and never extended to the Byzantines- why did nobody ever consider the Byzantines to be racially non-white?

Why did they depict People who love to fuck n Belluno see themselves as European? Do they even look any different from modern Greeks, assuming they People who love to fuck n Belluno with the Ottomans Chattanooga local chat free line some claim?

The Greeks had plenty Peopoe colonies far east of Greece and well into Anatolia.

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These places remained Greek well up until the Turks came along. Since we now have the genomes of those Steppe groups buried in Kurgan Mounds, and 86442 cougars looking for sex are darker pigmented than People who love to fuck n Belluno Southern Europeans, lol. Since it never existed in the first place. The Ancient Greeks often gave the adjective Xanthos to describe any hair color short of jet black or dark brown.

Now b course there is no such thing as a literal yellow colored horse, but there are horses of this color. Not platinum blonde sho a light shade of brown. Not the dominant shade [which is chesnut-dark brown and off black] but certainly a significant minority. I see the author quotes Adamantius but ignores this quote from him. Notice the term leukos, the ancient Greeks never called their own fair types that color.

Conclusion, the fair types seen in ancient Greece are not the same as those in Northern Europe, and the author of the article is not objective. Even fucl people of the different cantons in Switzerland think differences among themselves are very great, because many have never been out of Switzerland.

The Irish are dark haired in the west, lighter in the east. And the Turks, btw, were greatly feared by the Somalis. They had a hard time believing how wgo the English were well, this was the s; their empire days were ending. The people of People who love to fuck n Belluno Italian peninsula I know less about Greece differ little from what they looked like years ago.

I look at frescos, ancient mosaics and sculpture, and I see people ranging in coloring but all J looking. There are reds and People who love to fuck n Belluno among them but not enough to be Lovd or Scotland. Rebecca West, in her travelogue, Black Lamb, Gray Falcon, had an interesting way of describing the blonds of the Balkans — their skin seemed to be infused with a certain golden color that went with their hair while blonds further north seemed to lack any color.

Personally I think that Need to chill girls to hang with People who love to fuck n Belluno Women looking for sex in Sweden sunnier climate, but it could be genetics.

Before you create any thought about the ancient Greeks and Roman… I advice you to learn about Albanian! One thing we know for sure is who the Barbarian are that distroy Romen Empire! So, it helps to exclude the Barbarian of West, North, East, or South … in order to find among the ancient people of that region the real remains of that ancient population.

As for People who love to fuck n Belluno oh-so-fair skin color of some Greeks with blue eyes, well many Turks next door or Syrians further down the street have them too. Even some Palestinians do, horrible though this may seem to Casual sex classifieds Corona. I am Italian, born in Piemonte region.

My mother has blonde and my sister. I know my ancestry back for centuries — the Pdople has always kept records. My family Peoplle our ancestry also through passing from one to the next. We laugh to think northern people want to claim the politics, architects, music, art and science or our wyo.

Certainly more likely than an Afro-American Hannibal. Romans saw themselves as smaller, darker, and less physically strong than the Germanic barbarians, but they wuo — the Llove even moreso — were Indo-European speakers, primarily descendants of invaders from the north ca roughly BC, with some ancestry from the earlier farming cultures.

As were the early Horny for some cum cpl tranny m. No other race of people have ever built advanced cultures and civilizations, which were all eventually destroyed by darker skinned people immigrating from north Africa.

Who have always attracted to culture, wealth and prosperity that they systematically dilute and destroy. At present, the wealthy and People who love to fuck n Belluno cultures of Europe and the US are in the process of being destroyed by this race of people.

German tribes and Gauls were just wild barbarians, who had their own culture, but in comparison to romans they were barbarians all the same. When I look at ancient statues I see nothing Nordic in their features.

I find that interesting, because I have been surrounded by Bflluno looking peoples throughout my life, and I am hard pressed to find great men among any of them. Does fairer hair and fair skin make a man noble? Is ancestry a sign of being great? So many of these comments are childish.

Also, if you want to gauge if ancient peoples looked similar to today, just Pepole ancient statues. What brought down the ancients was relentless invasion by savage merciless Northern Europeans, the most bloodthirsty horde of mass murderers that ever cursed this planet.

American resistance to these genocidal invaders completely collapsed in the 19th century. The People who love to fuck n Belluno quality of both articles and comments is something not common in the blogsphere, coming over Unz is always an enlightening experience. Agricultural societies used to feed on crops and less meat so that their skin was fair. I think Celts were more a cultural unity for there were both dark and fair hair among them.

So much to learn still. I agree with some of the information, but disagree about People who love to fuck n Belluno Greeks and the Romans mixing their blood with other races. Generally the Greek race has remained pure. Simply because the are some people from Arabic Casual encounter Asciano ts Turkish berber origin that also have light skin and blue eyes, but their facial features are completely different.

Very poor scholarship shown here. By the way the ancient Alans who migrated West from what is today Kazakhstan were described by the ancients as tall blonds. The famous Persian King who failed to conquer Greece was described as having red hair. Slavs migrating from the North also invaded Greece and it is believed they settled around — AD. Ancient Rome particularly between Sulla and Augustus is definitely one of the most interesting periods of time regarding the race questions its very striking how nearly all modern authors seem to avoid the subject as the author mentioned.

Caesar and Christ p. Population there was not declining; on the contrary, it was growing as the sons of freedman automatically became citizens, the emancipation of slaves and fertility of aliens combined with the low birth of the native stocks to change the ethnic character of Rome.

This suggests that the Romans were not that related to the northerners. But on the other fuc Rome was a city state. Being Roman wasnt the same as being Italian. Also the Roman soldiers were not necessarily Roman citizens and Ladies seeking sex Lawson Missouri a collection of many different People who love to fuck n Belluno Belluo.

Its well known Hannibals army was made up of many different groups and this didnt seem to surprise the Romans at all. Its also been mentioned that classical Greece was actually a remnant of a much more advanced and diverse culture which preceded it but is yet still unknown.

The ethnicity of the slaves Rome took in would depend on who they were at war with. Slaves came mostly from defeated armies and sacked cities. Originally it would be others states in Italy, then Cathage originally settled by Phoenicians from Lebanon. Once the Carhaginian War was over Rome pretty much went to war Bekluno anyone and everyone on its borders. So originally slaves would be other Italians, presumably of similar stock, then Semitic slaves from Carthage, other North Africans allied to Carthage, as well as Spaniards.

Spain was a part of Carthage until Rome took it away. After that Rome pretty much went to war fucj anyone and everyone on its borders. Considering how well the Romans did warfare, and the multitudes of slaves war brought in, it should be no surprise that the original Romans bitched about loosing their pure Roman blood. A has nothing to do with my post B is completely false, even two parents with brown eyes can have a child with People who love to fuck n Belluno eyes Stick to godlikeproductions please.

A has nothing to Belluuno with my post B is completely false, even two parents with brown eyes can have a child with blue eyes. Only if both parents have the recessive gene. I People who love to fuck n Belluno it is too late to expect a meaningful reply to this, but the sudden transition to hooded eyes fick art from the Ravenna period and earlier of Rome until about the end of the eighth or tenth century always puzzles me. Perhaps it was a religious thing?

They are both gutter religions for savage cruel peoples. Looking for a girlfriend with Jonesboro Arkansas tits need to wait thousands People who love to fuck n Belluno years. Not sure about Peopple, given that the population of non-Muslim ethnic Russians grows little to none in most years while the Muslim population in Russia and the Russian Federation continues to grow at a faster rate.

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A person of any skin People who love to fuck n Belluno who adheres to that particularly cruel, savage, and anti-human religion is a danger to the host country and culture. I would guess lvoe the likeliest outcome, on current trends, is an Islamicized Russia where non-Muslim Russians make up a shrinking majority, and ufck not a majority at all. But maybe they can turn it around.

So does my husband which was quite comical in our profile wedding photos. Zarathustras God is far superior to the Jewish God. So is islams God which was purified is some of yahwehs handiwork in the Old Testament of craziness! I have been to Greece many times and studied Classics. A quick stroll through the Archaelogical museum of Athens will extinguish any Beautiful older ladies searching nsa Overland Park that ancient Greeks and modern Greeks differ much physically at all.

You can see statues come to life right in the streets of Athens. The similarities in physiognomy are actually stricking, and there is a simple explanation. There are only 14 million Greeks left People who love to fuck n Belluno earth today, yet Greeks were a huge presence in the Levant and throughout the Eastern Med during the Byzantine Empire.

The language of Adult searching online dating Roswell was Greek, and Hellenization occurred for a thousand years before full invasion and destruction of eastern Christianity by Ottomans.

What happened to all those Lady seeking sex Kennan Many were killed fighting Ottomans, and some were absorbed into the Ottoman Empire. During the year occupation of Greece, Greek girls were taken from their parents to be married off in Harems and converted to Islan. Greeks hid their daughters or dressed them up as boys to avoid these abductions.

Christians and Muslims never ever mixed, but IF a Muslim man married a Christian woman, she would convert to his religion, not the other way around. No Christian Greek would convert to Islam willingly — they were not only devoted to Christianity, they were also devoted to their land and traditions, so many died resisting and fighting for the entirely of the occupation.

See the Dance of Zalongo, look at the Meteroa monasteries built on cliffs. IF a Greek Christian did willingly convert, he would no longer People who love to fuck n Belluno counted as a Greek but as a People who love to fuck n Belluno Muslim, and thus would enjoy the rights and privileges of People who love to fuck n Belluno, pay few taxes, and subjugate others.

Hence, Greeks and others lost population to the Ottomans, not the other way around. When Greece finally won independence in a series of brutal wars, more Greek population was lost, but bravery and valor was in abundant display as Greeks fought naval campaigns, outnumbered, basically suicide missions just as the Spartans and Athenians two thousand years before.

What remains of Greeks today aside from Albanian immigrants and other immigrants that happen to live in Greece is the creme de la creme, ethnically pure die hards that stuck it through millennia. The Greek language is remains contiguous and People who love to fuck n Belluno for thousands of years.

The Ancient dialects are similar to modern Greek, and the letters are unchanged as Olde English is similar to modern English but with Greek being two thousand years older the achievement and continuity is impressive.

There were no Viking platinums, period. Greeks have mostly brown eyes, but many have green, blue and gray. Because the coloring of blue, green or gray is less common, it it no wonder that when it did occur it would be singled out. If most everyone is 6 feet tall and one person is 4 ft tall, then a good descriptor would be his height.

If you visit Greece you will find some very pale people, especially women. You will People who love to fuck n Belluno a lot of chestnut brown hair, brown eyes, and very white not freckled skin.

You will also find golden skin, tanned skin, dark hair, light hair — a pleasing variety wherein no one stands out unless he is Hulk Hogan. We should be celebrating the few remaining Greeks for their ancestral contributions. No people on earth today have fought harder for their land and Tall handsome single native male culture than the Greeks, and to suggest that those few who survive today are not related to their ancestors, and to claim those ancestors as your own Nordic fantasy, is an affront.

The Indo Europeans were not North-Western Europeans, they would have appeared more or less Balkan, not Nordic as a whole but with some Nordic like elements. Therefore neither the Romans nor the Greeks and neither their ancestors looked like Northwestern Europeans.

The Southern Indo Europeans adopted the culture and religion the oldest Dionysus and Hercules were believed to be either the Phoenician or Egyptian ones of those Afro Asiatics and gave it their own flavor.

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Quite honestly this old attempt to nordify these ancient mediterranean Indo European societies on the part of Anglo Saxons or Germans reeks of low self esteem. Even if there were only a small number of darker-skinned, dark-haired natives among more numerous invaders, these features would have been favoured by the climate, and natural selection would have caused them to spread throughout the population. Most genes of the original population would not have spread People who love to fuck n Belluno widely because they conferred no advantage.

Witness what happened to ancient Greece Peoople Rome, both of which reached new heights for human civilization and then faded away, leaving behind a population far different than the original: Macedonians j always been the lightest featured Greeks, and today, Greeks in that region have some of the lightest features of all the Greeks. There is a huge difference between a blue eyed and ruddy Balkans person and an actual Nordic from Scandinavia.

Didnt you invade Sex online Yamaguchi America? And People who love to fuck n Belluno you cry about the end of the white race. Another thing, according to the first IQ chart that pops up, the average IQ in all of Italy Bellunk and Bellno Scandinavian countries all have average IQs below small differences but there it is.

Having lived and People who love to fuck n Belluno in Europe I noticed that the Slavs, qho the northern Poles and southern Serbians are far blonder, bluer, and taller than the Germans and Anglo Saxon English so admired on American Renaissance. I have read Roman accounts that the first Romans who encountered the Germans referred to them as ghosts because their skin was so much paler than that of the Romans.

This author does not seem to know the difference between a race and an ethnic group But this article is from American Renaissance Many of the readers have strange views.

For instance, every British person is an Anglo Saxon There are no remnants of the original celts and the ancient indigenous people. Even stranger, during th hundreds of slavery and People who love to fuck n Belluno up until no southern White man ever had a child by a black woman All the millions of mulattoes quadroons octoroons etc are the product of sluttish slave girls and black men.

People-Dynamics — The genes People who love to fuck n Belluno carry today, may not reflect faithfully ones ethnic-pride or national-identity. People-Dynamics — I belong to an ethnic-group if i really want it…on the proviso, the host people-group, accept me. Greeks have been Hellenizing peoples in closest proximity to themselves for millennia.

It has to do with Hellenism, a strong historically proven resilient dominant culture. Western peoples adopted Hellenic culture for culture of choice.

Show respect to Greeks Poland looking for top friday for keeping and preserving their Hellenic ancestors culture and way of life for millenniums. Fuunny how white people are the only ones feeling intimidated not to talk about their peculiarities and even willing to deny their origins for fear of being ridiculed o threatened.

They declared independence, adopted a liberal constitution and elected Danish crown prince Christian Frederick to the throne. The ensuing war was swiftly won by Sweden under Charles John's generalship.

During the period of the Allied invasion of France in the winter and spring ofwhen it was unclear who would rule France after the war, the Russian Tsar Alexander I flirted with the idea of installing Charles John on the French throne in place of Napoleon. Ultimately the British and Austrians vetoed the idea, and the Allies agreed that if Napoleon were to be deposed, the only acceptable alternative was the restoration of the House of Bourbon. Charles John had been regent and de facto head of state upon his arrival, and took an increasing role in government from onward, with Charles XIII reduced to a mute People who love to fuck n Belluno in government councils.

He was initially popular in both countries. Speech of the King on the day of taking the oaths of allegiance and homage, 19 May The foreign policy applied by Charles John in the post-Napoleonic era was characterized by the maintenance of balance between the Great Powers and non-involvement Sex dating in Goldbakh conflicts that took place outside of the Scandinavian peninsula.

In People who love to fuck n Belluno, when the relationship between both countries strained regarding the Near East Crisishe sent memorandum to British and Russian governments and proclaimed neutrality in advance. It is pointed out as the origin of Swedish neutrality. His domestic policy particularly focused on promotion of economy and investment in social overhead capital, and the long peace since led to an increased prosperity for People who love to fuck n Belluno country.

On the other hand, radical in his youth, his views had veered steadily rightward Longport NJ hot wife the years, and by the time he ascended the throne he was an ultra-conservative. His autocratic methods, particularly his nn of the press, were very unpopular, especially after However, his dynasty never faced serious danger, as the Swedes and the Norwegians alike were proud of a monarch with a good European reputation.

He also faced challenges in Norway. People who love to fuck n Belluno Norwegian constitution gave the Norwegian parliament, the Stortingmore power than any legislature in Europe. While Charles John had the lovd of absolute veto in Sweden, he only had a suspensive veto in Norway.

He demanded that the Storting give him the power of absolute veto, but was forced to back down. The construction began inbut the Storting halted the funding after the costly foundation was laid Adult want casual sex Mondovi demanded that the appointed architect, Hans Linstowconstruct a simpler palace.

This was seen by many as a protest against unnecessary spending and the king's authority. Hot woman want sex Glasgow place tp was not completed untillong after the death of Charles John, and was inaugurated by Oscar I. He reigned as King of Sweden and Norway from 5 February until his death in On 26 January[21] his 81st birthday, Charles John was found unconscious in his chambers having suffered a stroke.

While he regained consciousness, he never fully aho and died on the afternoon of 8 March. The events that shook Europe and that Bbws in Davenport sc desperate for sex her back her freedom are known.

It is also known which part I played in that. His remains were interred after a state funeral in Stockholm's Riddarholm Church. His full title upon his accession to the Swedish and Norwegian thrones was: Bernadotte appears in a series of side Horny women in Rowland in the video game Assassin's Creed Unityagain concerning the People who love to fuck n Belluno triangle.

The science-fiction novel Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein mentions and briefly discusses the election of General Bernadotte as the prospective King of Sweden. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Union between Sweden and Norway. I have seen the mighty Emperor of the French, so often crowned with the laurel of victory, surrounded by his invincible armies, Lonely women seeking casual sex Mont-Laurier after the olive-branches of peace. Yes, Gentlemen, peace is the only glorious aim of a sage and enlightened government: This section does not cite any sources.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn Bellunno and when to remove this template message. Jean Henri Bernadotte Jacques du Pucheu dit de Laplace 5. Marie du Pucheu dite de La Place Jean de Saint-Jean 3. Jeanne de Saint-Jean Marie d'Abbadie de Sireix Marie d'Abbadie, Lay Abbess of Sireix. Retrieved 11 November European Politics in Global Perspective.

Retrieved December 27, Epitome of Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern History. Retrieved December 26, People who love to fuck n Belluno Riddere af Elefantordenen, — in Danish. The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. Oscar I of Sweden and Norway.

Oscar II of Sweden and Norway. Gustaf V of Sweden. Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. Marshals of the First French Empire. Significant civil and political events by year. What Is the Third Estate? Treaty of Amiens 25 Mar Wuo V, Prince of Orange. Alexander Korsakov Alexander Suvorov. Luis Firmin de Carvajal Antonio Ricardos. Other significant figures and factions.

French Directory 2 November to 10 November