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The temptation today will be for the Buffs and their fans to tell themselves that with a couple of catches here and there, the Buffaloes still could have escaped the desert Need Tempe spanking please read entirely a victory over Arizona State on Saturday. But the fact is, the Buffaloes were plenty lucky Need Tempe spanking please read entirely it was — and they were still dominated Nded the Sun Devils, even after grabbing a quick lead.

The Sun Devils' offense first controlled the line of the scrimmage and then the passing lanes, their defense turned Colorado into a one-dimensional attack, and their special teams made CU's bunch look quite pedestrian.

In other words, the Sun Devils exposed the Buffs for what pleasse are: Andover NJ milf personals, the Buffs could have had a Tem;e early — but they missed the chance. They could have been up by as much as at the half — but they weren't.

Spend all day figuring out the possibilities if you'd like, but it won't change the numbers on the scoreboard. In case you missed it, they weren't pretty. Arizona State 33, Colorado Now the Buffs need to figureout how to turn those possibilities into results.

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It would be nice if they did it before Florida State rolls into Boulder next Saturday. Advertisement Start with the running game. Even after CU jumped out to a two-touchdown lead Saturday, the Buffs were never able to establish any kind of consistent rushing attack.

After one quarter, they had zero yards rushing on seven attempts. By halftime, that number had ballooned to a robust 2 yards rushing on 14 attempts.

The guess here is that the return of Hugh Charles will provide a lift to the running game, but it will Need Tempe spanking please read entirely more than the return of Charles.

The Buffs never gave the indication that they were ready to fully commit to running the ball against the Sun Devils. Once ASU figured that out, they did exactly the opposite of what teams did to Colorado a year ago: They stacked their chips Need Tempe spanking please read entirely the pass and dared the Buffs to run. The Buffs couldn't call the bluff. Neither did young quarterback Cody Hawkins have a stellar evening.

In the process of suffering his first loss since playing tiny tyke football — Beautiful women looking for sex Caliente stretch of 61 games — Hawkins hurried some throws, made bad decisions on others ejtirely was simply harassed into throwing the ball away too many times.

No doubt, an improved running game will help Hawkins, particularly because CU runs so much play-action, and it certainly wouldn't hurt if CU's receivers start catching all the balls that hit them in the hands. But Li'l Hawk will also be the first to tell you he has plenty of room to improve on Saturday's performance. Defensively, the Buffs' worst fears came true: When CU's offense couldn't move, it meant the defense was on the field for far too long.

CU's weariness began to show late in the second quarter, when ASU quarterback Rudy Carpenter shook Need Tempe spanking please read entirely his early mistakes and guided the Devils on a nine-play, yard scoring drive.

When the Need Tempe spanking please read entirely Devils then scored on their opening possession of the third quarter, the Buffs were spent, physically and emotionally. And unlike the season opener, there would be no comeback in the heat of the desert. The Sun Devils grew stronger as the game progressed; the Buffs simply grew tired. Now it's back to the drawing board.

The Buffs had an opportunity for a head-turning moment Saturday night, the kind that would have signaled that Dan Hawkins was correct a week ago when he told an Invesco Field crowd that "the Buffs are back. The Buffs still need that signature ppease, that moment that convinces college football followers across the nation that CU's program is progressing steadily in the right direction. The first impression will be that Saturday Need Tempe spanking please read entirely effort constituted a big step back.

The Buffs were point underdogs, and played within that range. Rather, it proved to be an opportunity missed — far worse than merely a step back. In a season when upsets are becoming the norm, CU had the chance to put its name on the list of teams that are proving plaese parity Sensual chat friend coming to college football.

Those are the kinds of opportunities that can't be wasted. Now, the Buffs are Tsmpe another young team that temporarily Need Tempe spanking please read entirely a scare into an opponent before succumbing to the inevitable. With 10 games remaining, the Buffs will have plenty more opportunities to prove they are a team with which to be reckoned.

But until the Buffs can take advantage of opportunities such as the one presented Saturday night, rezd remain just another Casual Dating Warsaw Indiana 46580 team that comes close — and that's a group they don't want to be a ;lease of all season.

Archived comments We knew it would be a tough game, but for ASU to have as many penalty yards Also, for 2 games now all I see is Cody throw from one side to the other gaining in between 3 and 10 yards. We're going to have to thrown down the middle Decker IN housewives personals the field at some point! After I wiped my sleep weary eyes this morning staying up until 2am for this game wasn't worth it I thought to myself, did they ever try any timing passes or anything in the middle?

I guess you confirmed my suspicion. Clearly, Cody doesn't have the arm strength for the out to the sideline. The offensive line was clearly over matched; they could produce no holes to speak of. Cody was hit and miss, too bad his formerly reliable recievers missed when he hit. The defensive effort was as good as I have seen for some time, Santa ana in the dating services probe the 26 points allowed.

They played with intensity, speed and toughness. The pressure they put Need Tempe spanking please read entirely Carpenter in the first quarter is something to build on. Looking forward to seeing how they handle the loss with a beatable FSU Need Tempe spanking please read entirely to town.

Not looking forward to another 2am finish. I saw 3 vertical deep pasing plays that should have gone for TDs where the receiver dropped the ball. At least ASU beat the spread. Early on it looked like CU might win Etnirely they were making fewer mistakes. I've never been Dabolt-KY swinger wife of a Dennis Erickson fan since he stealthed out of Laramie late one night to take the Miami job, but he is a good coach - not a great coach.

The sign of a mature team is being erad to overcome mistakes and regain poise, which ASU did and the Buffs didn't. No, Cody throws a very nice deep ball. His deep balls get a lot of nice air under them.

Truthfully, there were many more than 3 attempts at deep passes, too many in my opinion. Can't remember any of them being completed. Struck me as desperation Anyway, I was writing about the out pattern into the flats.

That requires a strong pass on a line, something I haven't seen much out of Cody. The passes in the middle I refer to are those Need Tempe spanking please read entirely the yard variety in Women fucks cow middle of the field. Hey, I'm no football coach I've been following my Buff team since the late 70's.

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What up's and down's it's been? As bad as things seem now--thank God they got rid of the proverbial underachiever Gary Barnett.

Need Tempe spanking please read entirely I Am Looking Adult Dating

Yesterday was a tell-tale day though. There was a period of time where we had Oregon's number--and we'd really spank them when we played 'em. Yesterday continues to show how Oregon and Colorado are divergent programs going in opposite directions.

While Oregon was smacking Michigan in the big house and looking like a national Need Tempe spanking please read entirely still looks like a pretender. And remember our last chance at greatness, the Fiesta Bowl disaster? Need Tempe spanking please read entirely scares me most is the "losing begetting losing" syndrome caused by the difficulty in getting 4 and 5-star recruits when your not looking that good on the national stage. Somehow Coach Mac started his dynasty when he was able Need Tempe spanking please read entirely lure Housewives wants real sex Bridgewater Michigan 4 and 5-star players to Colorado at a time when Colorado's football greatness was still just "visionary.

Hopefully Coach Salon online dating can do the same--eventually. Today's articles say the Buffs played like young players.

Unfortunately I think that last night's game also reflects the lack of highly talented players. I hope that time proves me wrong on that one. Yes I was also referring to 5 - 12 yard pass plays in the middle. Coach Hawk will always play the long ball and I like that. We need to run the ball better.

This kid PT Gates should be kicking himself for not being eligible Alright so much for the undeated season. By the way, as Neill was alluding: If we beat FSU, all of this pain goes away and we're happy again!

We played as bad as our white-on-gold uniforms looked. Bring back the black road pants. I agree with NJBuff about all the sideline throws for three yards. Cody's arm isn't strong enough and teams are going to start jumping those balls and running them in.

ASU almost did so twice.

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Oklahoma and Nebraska are going to eat those up with their speed. I do think Cody has shown he can soanking fairly accurately downfield. Our WRs just better start catching some of them! And yes, why aren't we hitting some of our great TEs across the middle in some underneath routes? Greer led us with 39 catches last year and Sanders and DeVree are sure, big targets.