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I mean, human bodies age and whatnot well, unless you live in Hollywood and drink the Death-Becomes-Her potion. According to thisGriffith has also recently had cancer removed from her nose and was diagnosed with epilepsy seven years ago. Both of these things suck.

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I can totally relate to the cancer thing, as I had a big hunk of cancer taken out of my face this year, too. I kinda feel like she has a little Kathleen Turner Romancing-the-Stone vibe.

Are there any women in Hollywood that are aging normally these days? And like a completely different person?

And is this trickling into mainstream? Chicks On The Right. About Privacy Policy Contact.

They love to dig through lawn clippings and yard waste, too. The eggs from hens raised with access to your backyard will be tastier and more nutritious! They taste better, too.

All that extra nutrition gives backyard eggs a dark orange yolk-not the pale yellow color you see in store-bought eggs. Just as with other pets, keeping chickens can help kids learn about responsibility.

But because chickens give back in such a tangible way-eggs! Some things are worth doing yourself.

Chickens are so easy to care for. Here are just a few that have won that fight! South Bend Ruling Inthe South Bend Common Council voted in favor of an ordinance allowing backyard chickens in the city under certain conditions.

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