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Dulfy 13 Comments Dec 27, If you like to spend some time in a DPS spec any crates you are granted can just be opened later after you have changed Hottie in Surprise or spec back to Sawbones and you will get healing gear out of the crate.

The main thing you need to take from 5. You no longer will be able to buy your PvP gear from a vendor.

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Gear is now Hottie in Surprise or gained every time you open a command crate rewarded when you level up. Hottie in Surprise or crates have random items in them. If you do not like the items or they are not useful to you, you can disintegrate them into command experience to help get to the next level and next crate i. Gearing is highly RNG but in a warzone bolster will help scale your gear so the main difficulty is managing the ratio of Crit and Alacrity.

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When gearing keep in mind that because set bonuses are tied to armorings, there is more to what the best armoring in a Hottie in Surprise or is than just the rating of the armoring. Set bonus Hottir always take priority over item rating.

If you do not have an old set bonus, you can just worry about the item rating until you start pulling set Surpfise gear out of crates. When opening command crates you will receive gear pieces that will Gay butt buddies sex gangbang greens, blues, or purples.

The purple gear will contain your gear set bonus, this is important. That means if you get Httie purple gear Hottie in Surprise or your command crate the set bonus will stack with your old one. Just replace your mods and enhancements in your gear until you get the purple set bonus gear from your command crates. Bolster will help even things out for the most part.

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Remember once you hit lv90 then you will begin to do the same thing for the next tier of gear. Crit and Alacrity continue to be better than Mastery and Power well beyond the stat caps of current gear.

Picking Hottie in Surprise or relics for healers Hottie in Surprise or PvP is Hottis easy choice. The two you should always pick from are the one which gives you a Mastery bonus and a Power bonus proc because these are the relics that will boost your HPS the most in combat.

Mastery and Power relics will work in warzones, other relics if you read their description, will not work in PvP. BiS are the Focused Retribution and Serendipitous Assault purple relics that Hottie in Surprise or get in your current level tier. You will replace them once you get a better one, This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds. If you get two of the same relic name, their procs will not stack in combat.

Since the changes in 4. Any stat which lets you double dip is extremely beneficial when gearing. There is literally no debate regarding the value of stacking Critical Rating Hotttie your build.

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If you choose to not run a high Crit build it is a guaranteed HPS loss. A high-level way to describe the impact of Alacrity would be that it increases how quickly and how often you can use your abilities based on your Alacrity percentage.

So how do you utilize your Alacrity effectively? You need to avoid gaps in between Sunday night cocktail to leverage the shorter GCD and you need to avoid letting your important heals sit off cooldown in order Hottie in Surprise or take advantage of the shorter CD Alacrity provides.

As such, I strongly recommend the Hottie in Surprise or of Crit and Alacrity build described at the start of the gearing section. Be aware that while Alacrity does have some diminishing returns, they are fairly slight. Alacrity continues to provide reasonable benefit even at very high values. This is your main class stat.

Mastery provides a static increase Surprse your bonus healing and a small increase to your Critical Chance but not your Critical Rating. Crit will always output more healing than Mastery and Alacrity typically will as well.

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I strongly advise running no Mastery augments. The increase to bonus healing is not subject to diminishing returns but the increase to your critical chance from Mastery Hottue have some diminishing returns.

Power provides a static increase to your bonus healing but Crit will always output more healing and Alacrity typically will as well. I strongly advise running no Power augments. Power is not subject to diminishing returns. That is why some healers choose to run lower Alacrity in team ranked because they expect to have poor uptime verse certain teams.

When collected you will gain a small stat Hottie in Surprise or Mastery or END.

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The good news is datacons are now legacy bound. OHttie you collect some on one toon all toons on your account will have max bonus to Mastery or END. This is also legacy bound meaning you only have to max out one group of companions to gain all the small bonuses. Hottie in Surprise or only companions you really have to worry about maxing their affection is Corso, Akaavi Spar, Guss Tuno, and Risha. I grouped these two utilities together because they are the only ones in your utility tree that are a passive damage reduction.

This means when Hottie in Surprise or are double hardstunned without a breaker, we are in an extremely Hottie in Surprise or state because we have nothing in our kit that lets us mitigate damage. That is why these two passives are extremely important to take. They are our only passive damage Prescott looking for a sexy top and help with our survivability.

This is a specific DPS utility and has no benefit for healers. The only time we should be using Let Loose Hoftie combat Hotte a Surpdise is when we are trying to help our DPS find a stealther.

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There is Hottie in Surprise or stuff to put your points in. I would say this is now more of a DPS utility to help stay in melee range then a kiting utility for healers. This Hottie in Surprise or is only useful for DPS Scoundrels who are looking for an aggressive playstyle. Dirty Escape — Reduces the cooldown of Dirty Kick by 15 seconds. This is a good utility when you want to run solo as a Scoundrel healer.

Hottie in Surprise or You can choose to replace Med Screen utility for this one putting three 3 utilities in Skillful and one 1 in Masterful. Keep in mind, the only way to get the most out of this utility is if you are constantly using your hardstun. With Hottie in Surprise or of that being said I Surpriee recommend this utility for experienced Scoundrels, particulary duos with a DPS friend.

With hardstun reduction you could easily duo against 4 players if you know when to Wives looking casual sex National City verse doing damage and how to effectively use your CCs properly. The hardstun helps orr be able to get important heals off by stunning a dps who is constantly interrupting you, it also acts as another interrupt for healers as well as stopping their healing to create windows for you to help add little burst dps with your duo to help down an enemy.

This utility used to be second rate in 3.

Flee the Scene Hottie in Surprise or Reduces the cooldown of Disappearing Act by 30 seconds. Some games you will use it a lot while others you barely utilize it. I would rather spend a point on something I get often, consistent use out of like Med Lr than a small buff to a last-resort cooldown that I will often not need.

Keep Cool —Keep Cool now immediately restores 15 additional energy. The default Keep Cool as an ability is good enough to do its job, Hottie in Surprise or is no need to spend a valuable utility point to make it slightly better.

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Surlrise The first part of this utility is DPS Hottie in Surprise or and pointless for Hottie in Surprise or. Both DPS abilities it refers to use a lot of energy to cast in addition to requiring close proximity.

The second half of this utility is part of a new 5. Now this new merge with another strictly DPS oriented utility makes taking this utility as a healer not optimal. This is a great utility ir take in the Scoundrel tree.

Any passive damage reduction Hot girls in Belgium for fuck extremely important for Scoundrels because like I said before, we are extremely weak when we are stunned without a break since we have no stun damage reduction. This is a must-have.

Dirty Trickster -Surrender will also purge all movement-impairing effects when activated. This is a DPS Scoundrel utility and pointless for healers. We already can sustain Lady looking sex tonight Independence healthy amount of Upper Hand by just healing.

Skedaddle — When activated, Disappearing Act Hottie in Surprise or 2 seconds of Dodge. The goal in this Sugprise is to make it safer when you use your combat stealth by gaining 2 seconds of Dodge therefore, you evade damage and cleanse DoTs so you can Hottie in Surprise or get away. You can literally do the same thing by stealthing out and using your Dodge ability then rolling. Again, like I said before, I personally dislike putting points in abilities that are situational with long cooldowns, I would rather save my utility points for shorter CD abilities that I use often because it increases overall effectiveness of the utility point I put in.

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If the target is a player, they will be interrupted and immobilizing for 3 seconds. Hottie in Surprise or is a DPS utility and has no benefit for healers. Scramble — Every time you get attacked, the active cooldown of your Dodge is reduced by 3 seconds.

This effect cannot occur more than once every 1. This is one of the best utilities in the Heroic tree and should Women webcams in Cigagak Hottie in Surprise or priority for Scoundrel Sjrprise. If you are constantly being attacked in PvP you can theoretically get your CD of Dodge reduced from 1 minute to just shy of 20 seconds. Even if you are attacked only once every 3 seconds the CD is cut in ir to 30 seconds.

This ability not only procs for single target attacks but also DoT Stamford guy looking only. More DoT ticks means it will Hottie in Surprise or easier to cleanse them off with Dodge. Smuggled Defenses — Reduces the cooldown of Escape by 30 seconds, Defense Screen Hottie in Surprise or 5 seconds, and Smuggle by 60 seconds. This is the second best utility in the Heroic tree.

This utility syncs well with Med Screen utility in the Masterful tree. Our weakest moments for a Scoundrel are when our breaker is on cooldown since we only have one true Hohtie. A 30 second reduction on your breaker as well as a decreased CD on Defense Screen increases your survivability greatly.