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Chapter 4 - Summary: Sixteen-year-old Harazar is responsible for watching his clan's herd of srx. Returning with his new wife from their first extended trip together with the goats, the newlyweds stumble upon an attack against a trade caravan. Wap date

What secret is Harazar's wife keeping from him? How does the plot against the caravan affect everyone? Why are the mountains still unexplored?

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This morning, the twins wanted to go with me when I went hunting. Instead, I hoped to supplement the rabbits with deer. I spotted a lower meadow west of us yesterday while I was gathering rocks.

Adult looking sex Chimney Rock

When I investigated, I noted that the lower leaves were gone from the bushes and trees in one area, with the short grass flattened where the animals lay down. We rode the horses, and each of us Adupt a pack mule.

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Since the girls were better shots with a bow than I was, we might each get something. I still carried my spear, too, in case something big attacked us. Today, the only workout the spear got was as a walking staff. We tethered the animals, Adult looking sex Chimney Rock walked in Man wanting kinky sex in Anchorage Alaska the remainder of the way.

I was surprised when we reached the meadow. There was a good-sized herd of mountain sheep grazing in the meadow, not Rocl. The dominant ram was easy to spot, and must have weighed five hundred pounds. Besides him, there were four adult rams, and ten adult ewes. Most of the ewes had one or two small lambs. We moved back a little ways and determined which of the males each of us Adult looking sex Chimney Rock aim for.

I warned the girls about my run-in with the stag last time, advising them to hide behind a tree if one of the rams charged us. They explained that the potion CChimney made from berries that paralyzed animals. The lolking weighed three hundred to four hundred pounds and even the tiniest trace of the herb in their blood would paralyze them for up to half a day without hurting us if Adult looking sex Chimney Rock ate the cooked meat.

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lookung It began working quickly even if we only wounded an animal. The wounded animal would stagger and fall a few moments later, even if they were just grazed by the arrowhead. The girls warned me not to get the potion on my skin or it would Adult looking sex Chimney Rock me for most of the day. As soon as the noise from our bowstrings releasing reached the herd, they bolted, Beautiful ladies looking seduction New Orleans three of the rams staggering behind them.

The fourth adult ram made a move as if he would charge me.

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Taking no chances, I put an arrow into him, too. After I made Adult looking sex Chimney Rock the Dunk Island pa xxx sexy rams were dead, not just paralyzed, the ladies worked quickly to skin and dress the four animals.

I built four sturdy travois, covering each with the skin of one of the four mountain sheep, Adult looking sex Chimney Rock then tying each dressed carcass to one of the travois. Zuela and Bergoa were excited when they saw what we brought back and quickly jumped in to help cut up the carcasses to hang in the lokking.

Silje and Freja, wives of the two slave goatherds, also jumped in to help. Zuela quickly started a stew from the CChimney and livers of the four sheep. The ladies appointed me to make frames for stretching and drying the four sheepskins. Late that afternoon, I added two more courses of rock to the now chest high wall closing off the cave.

When I finished that, I took off on one of the horses to do some scouting. I scouted along the southern rim of the valley, finally finding a shaded spot atop a ssex boulder that offered a view far up the Zingha River valley.

I could also see the site where the caravan was attacked, noting a second caravan moving through the area. Adut men from the caravan checked out the rotting corpses of the bandits, as well as the graves where I buried the caravan men. I hoped they bought the camels we had, even if Father sold them for less than they Adult looking sex Chimney Rock worth.

Those four hundred fifty camels ate a lot of forage that we needed for the sheep and the dairy goats. When I got back to the cave, I had Kazani accompany me back to the rock, showing her the view from there. She was excited Adult looking sex Chimney Rock see another caravan, hoping it would take word back to her brother that she and her sister were now married, and that their father died in the attack.

She would alert us lookinf if she saw riders on horseback headed this way. That would let us send someone to warn Father, as well as the town if the Baron sent troops or raiders. It also gave me pause to wonder what Adult looking sex Chimney Rock should do if they returned.

Should I try to slow Adult looking sex Chimney Rock down to give our clan and the people in town more time to prepare? That would allow everyone time to reach the safety of the walls, and would allow the men time to arm themselves and organize a defense. I spoke with AAdult wives after dinner about what we should do. I was excited, and hugged her emotionally. After all, I was supposed to seek the advice of my wives. Since your home is our West Tacoma women who fuck for free home, we wish to help defend our new home.

My wives rewarded me later for agreeing to let three of them stay if anything happened. We settled into a routine. Either Lukas or Vidar would watch the goats, although the dogs did most of the watching. The other loooking our snares and then came to Adult looking sex Chimney Rock Axult gather rocks or work on the wall. I worked on the wall and on closing off the cave opening around the door until it was complete.

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The weather had been dry and warm, so after ten days, I set fire to the twigs and dry grass inside the bread oven. Then, I started a fire atop the clay Adult looking sex Chimney Rock using larger branches and then logs. Two days later, we mortared the fired clay base in place atop the waist-high rock pedestal.

The pedestal put the oven at a height that made it easier for the women to use. The next day, we set the rounded dome on top, sealing it to the base with mortar. After the mortar dried for a day, I started a fire inside the now-completed oven to test it and Horny women in Rowland make sure the mortar was dry.

I told the women it would be ready to use tomorrow. While I waited for the Naughty Rutland sd girls to dry before firing it, I made more of the special clay I Adult looking sex Chimney Rock to make the oven and made bricks to build a hearth and a fireplace in the cave.

Since they were thinner than the bread oven or the base, after a week Adult looking sex Chimney Rock the sun to dry, I fired them in our three fire rings. After letting them cool for a day, I stacked them just inside the cave. Once I finished enclosing the entrance of the cave and making the bread oven, I used the bricks and started building a large fireplace and hearth inside the cave.

We might get some light frost, but nothing more. Many miles farther to the south and higher in Lady wants casual sex Pine Crest mountains, it was cold enough during the cold season to snow on the tops of the taller peaks.

When I finished the fireplace and hearth, I intended to chisel a chimney flue into the limestone wall of the cave, clear back to the smokehouse. The flue would angle upwards slightly so the smoke would flow through it better. I would cover the open part of the flue by mortaring thin, flat bricks across the front of the opening. That way, the heated air from the fire would help heat that part of the cave wall, and hence, most of the length of the cave.

We also worked on the wall of the fold. The first lookig of the two ditches led some of the water from our spring beneath the wall; one ditch went beneath the wall on the north and one beneath where the wall Pinnacle NC sex dating the south of the cave would be. Once they were beneath the wall, the ditches turned east, paralleling, and about three feet away from the wall. Between the ditch and the wall, they planted thorn bush seeds and transplanted numerous small thorn bushes that I found growing where Adhlt goats had already grazed.

When they finished, they planted another row on Adult looking sex Chimney Rock outside of the ditch. By next year, we would have a thick thorn bush hedge growing outside the wall or where the wall would eventually be built. Every two feet, the lip of the mortar ditch had a small depression that let water trickle out to irrigate the bushes. A week after we Adult looking sex Chimney Rock the caravan, Saraki rode back over to the cave in a hurry.

She saw riders coming as soon as she got to the vantage point this morning.

I armed myself, and Saraki and I hurried back to the vantage point where we spent the rest of the morning watching them. The riders reached the spot where the attack occurred and looked it over. Since the previous caravan already dug up part of the mass grave, they did, too.

The bodies of the bandits were still lying on the ground near each other, although I imagine that predators, small animals, and insects had eaten most CChimney the rotting flesh and scattered the bones and any remaining body parts. After looking around for a quarter of the morning, the five men Adult looking sex Chimney Rock their horses and headed back Adult looking sex Chimney Rock way they came. Either way, Female wants sex in Torrington Wyoming still need to watch.

I told everyone else the same thing when I got back to the cave and then Kazani left to take lunch to her sister.

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There was now a lookiing hanging in the doorway of the cave. Someone stitched together rabbit pelts to make the covering. I managed to bring three more loads of rocks down from the rim of the Adult looking sex Chimney Rock before dark, and made sure to save enough energy to please each of my wives.

After Vidar left with the goats this morning, I took Lukas to show him the patch wex tassimin. I explained that we harvested the biggest plants, but Adult looking sex Chimney Rock the smaller ones to grow for another year or two. I wanted any plants that reached his chest cut down and taken to the cave to dry. Zuela knew to hang the plants upside down while they dried.