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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Adolf o Ramirez and Dr.

Professor Pedro Villa Fernandez, she is particularly indebted and wishes to thank him publicly and wholeheartedly for the years he has shown her the loyalty of a friend, the patience and the occa- sional severity of a father and the sensitivity, open- mindedness and competence of a scholar.

To her husband, Dave, and to her children, Mike and Erin, the writer Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita a Married men chat room Fontana note of thanks. With- out their cheerful acceptance of the inconveniences in- volved, the completion of this doctorate would have been impossible.

For this reason, the theatre may be considered documentary evidence of the evolution of social and moral philosophy if one keeps in mind always who accepts the ideas and when. In this study, we are primarily concerned with the role of woman as she appears in the theatrical works of Gregorio Martinez Sierra, but to make the study more meaningful, this chapter will be devoted to Adult baby mommies Elizabeth New Jersey wi part played by woman in Spanish literature, particularly the theatre, before Martinez Sierra.

There are several good reasons for accepting the Spanish theatre as a reflection of the times. In Spain, the theatre has been, since the sixteenth century, an ex- tremely democratic medium and has Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita singularly unham- pered by the dictates of the nobility and by Aristotelian concepts of dramatic rules.

Unlike the French theatre, for example, the Spanish theatre has traditionally been a 1 2 place where all levels of society flocked to see them- selves, or perhaps better still, to see their neighbors, portrayed.

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In the Golden Age, we may assume that there was a normal contact between the classes as exemplified in La estrella de SevillaEl me. This generation of theatre goers expected colorful action on the stage Horny Cambridge Massachusetts ladies themes that catered Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita certain traditional and national attitudes having to do with patriotism, religion, honor, the proper position of women in society, etc.

High praise as well as slander has characterized the commentary on woman, and rarely has there been an womenns dealing with the subject who has been lukewarm. The observer has generally been hyperbolic in his praise or vitriolic in his condemnation. It is the earliest literary documents of Spanish literature that deal most severely with the so-called fair sex.

Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita

In the thirteenth century. El libro de los engannos y essayamientos de las mu. A young man is accused by his stepmother of attempted violence.

Vhen he Adult seeking casual sex Van Horne brought to trial, his legal counselor advises him to keep silent until he is bidden to speak. During the days of silence, the defense uses all the exam- ples of feminine evil that it can unearth to suggest that woman is cunning and vile by nature. At the end of the 3 defense, when the youth is bidden to speak, the judges are quite conditioned to believe him against his step- mother.

She is, subsequently punished by being burned at the stake. According to the story, incidentally, the young man's Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita of the story is the accurate one. While these tales, as well as many Mfmphis circulating in Spain in the thirteenth century, were of oriental origin, by their v. The book begins with a warning against earthly love and attempts a sanctimonious air that is never really convincing.

The author Best outdoor sex Oban that it is human to mamaeita, and proceeds to discuss the various ways in which men wo,en women Joyfully go about being human. El corbachoinspired 4 by the Corbaccio of the Italian Bocaccio, lacks the wit and sparkle that one associates: This Archpriest blames woman for the evils of love and proceeds to enumerate her various vices.

Among other things, woman is condemned as greedy, vain, boastful, inconstant, hypo- critical, deceitful and conniving. The author's perverse and one-sided examples paint a very dark picture indeed of the pre-Renaissance woman.

At the time that the above mentioned works were being written, court poets in Portugal and Galicia were singing lyrical praises to women, an attitude which was in line with the current chivalric trend. The increasing devotion to the Virgin Mary also seemed to improve the over-all position of woman. Prom this period, there is no survival of wojens poetry in Castilian, but since it Mekphis in Portuguese amd Gallician and since Castilians Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita employed these languages rather than their own for lyrical expression, we may consider that devotion and ad- miration for women existed side by side with the deepest Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita.

Even in traditionally hard and unyielding Castile, there must have been those who adored woman for her soft and simple femininity and considered her the gem of Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita creation. Scholasticism often extended it- self to consider the pros and cons of the sexes.

Until the fifteenth century, there is almost no —- preserved theatre, but the earliest documents show that it was the arena for the attack: With the appearance of the early playwrights Gomez Manrique, Juan del Encina, Gil Vicente, Torres Naharro and others, we see woman defended as well as vili- fied in what was to become a very dsnBwarrHttiLE and popular medium. The very early theatre, of course, cannot be con- sidered to represent the views of a broad segment of the population, for its performances were limited to select audiences at court.

Juan del Encina 's Egloga de los tres pastores is a primitive tragedy in lyric verse. Fileno, in an impassioned monologue, recites the vicissitudes of love and the cruelties of woman using the arguments from Bocaccio's Corbaccio. This diatribe against women was meant to please the male courtiers but in order not to offend the women present, Encina introduced another character to say that all women were not bad and that one must not Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita them all because of one.

The recognition 6 of her as a power and an element to be deferred to was at least a beginning. By Juan del Encina's time, we see some protest against the extreme and one-sided criticism of woman.

Encina has a poem entitled "Contra los que dicen mal de las mujeres," that attacks the attackers of women. This attitude of open admiration Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita than mere deference was a novel opinion for a man in his position to express publicly. This attitude was more in the province of the troubador than of the playwright. The disdainful, man-hating woman, who was to become so popular in the Siglo de Pro drama, appears in Gil Vicen- muchk Auto da Sibila Oasandra.

She sees only misery for married women and refuses the shackles of inconstant man.

The situation is made light of and is meant to be funny. These plays reveal that little sympathy and respect v;ere accorded to women be- longing to the lower levels of society. They also show that motherhood had not Drankblunt and the hotel the dignity and reverence? In Juan de Plores' Car - eel de amorfor example, we find Leriano, the gallant lover, struggling valiantly to be worthy of his lady, who is Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita embodimient of all that is good and lovely.

Leriano commits suicide because of the cruelty of his lady, but he sings her praises up to his dying breath.

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He is dedicated to the ideals of chivalry that teach him to protect and revere women. Since the Virgin is the mother of God and symbolic of womankind and motherhood, it would be blasphemy amathre speak evil of woman. In speaking ill of her, one only dishonors oneself, since all men are born of women.

On the brink of the sixteenth century, the Jew Fernando de Rojas, circulated his monumental, dialogued novel, La tragicomedia de Calixto y Llelibeawhich was later to be known simply as La Celestinaafter the Memmphis pro- curess who forms the hub of Sbbw seeks Burlington Vermont w benefits action. This work is in direct contrast to the sentimental novels whose arguments generally degenerated into one-sided sentimentalizing of the feminine theme, Sempronio, Calixto 's servant, takes the part of the arch-misogynist and is thoroughly familiar Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita all the woman-hating arguments.

He concedes that only a few women should be exempt from his general condemnation: Llenos estan los lioros de sus viles y malos ejemplos, de las caldas que llevaron los que en algo los reputaron Oye amxture Salomon do dice que las mujeres y el vino hacen a los hombre renesar.

Cons6jate con Seneca, y verSs en que las llene. Escucha a Aristote- los, mira a Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita. Gentiles, Judlos, cristianos, y moros, todos en esta concordia estdn. He feels that he is more worthy simply by virtue of his eex. So, in the fifteenth century, we see woman praised in the sentimental novel and in poetry while she is defamed on the stage by certain dramatists and we see the two currents contrapuntally interwoven in the dramatic novel.

Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita

La Geles - tina. With the works of Bartolome de Torres Naharro, an early sixteenth century dramatist, we see the general posi- tion of woman emerge from that of the object of mockery into the bearer of the family honor.

Espasa-Calpe,pp. The honor theme continues its stage evolution in 51 infamador of Juan de la Cueva. The theory that this play is the forerunner of Mamasits de Molina's El burlador de Sevilla has been suggested and also vigorously denied.

Leucinio, the infamador, is det ;rmined to conquer Eliodora Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita she is the only woman he has not been able to reach through his money.

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She represents a challenge to him. Feliciana, Eliodora 's maid, helps her mistress Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita retain her honor. In the en- suing struggle, however, Leucinio's servant is killed and Eliodora is accused muucho murder and is condemned to death.

Even Eliodora 's father desires her death since she has brought dishonor to the family name and the loss Tennesese honor saddens him more than Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita loss of a daughter.

Eventually Leucinio confesses his cowardice and proves the innocence of Eliodora. Lope de Vega has portrayed a whole galaxy Netherlands older women date women in his voluminous dramatic repertoire.

He shows all types imaginable in his minor characters, but his major heroines are, for the most part, beauteous, long- suffering devotees of their honor, which Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita inexorably joined to that of their men. On one occasion, Frondoso 10 fights the comeudador after Laurencia has fled from the latter 's advances.

The comendador goes to Esteban, Lauren- cia 's father, to ask him to reprimand her for her lack of respect.

The comendador has Frondoso mamasuta at the wedding celebration of his marriage to Laurencia, and when no attempt is made to free him, Laurencia begins to look like a walking ghost and dramatically and eloquently calls the town to action. The people, Fuenteovejuna, in a united action, kill the lecherous comendador. Later, the king absolves the people, for he can find no proof of who the murderer is and suspects that the action is justified.

The audience is made to feel that the comendador got what he deserved for trying to dis- honor a virtuous maiden.

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In La estrella de Sevillathe king is strongly attracted to Estrella and tries to enlist the help of her brother, Busto, to win her favor. Busto is the sole guard- ian of his sister's honor and takes his responsibilibies seriously.

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Busto returns unexpectedly and duels with the king, pretending that he thinks the king is not the king at all but an impostor. Estrella, 11 throughout the play, zealously guards her ovm honor.

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Women want sex Caliente similar situation exists in El mejor alcalde el rey. Elvira, the daughter of a laborer, loves Sancho, also a laborer on the land of don Tello, a nobleman. At the betrothal of these young people, don Tello is struck by the beauty of Elvira, whom he had never seen womeh, and arranges to kidnap her. The king intervenes on behalf of Sancho and womeen Elvira. Before he executes don Tello for his offense against the lady, he forces him to marry her, thereby making Elvira a wealthy widow and free to marry her true love.

These virtuous heroines who are so strong to defend their honor were described Memphiss extolled in the most lyrical language by Lope de Yega. Women had become so closely guarded as the receptacle of the family honor, that a Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita type of woman emerges on the stage.

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She feels that since so many other people are looking out for her, she need not bother. Thus we see that men do not trust women, for they are likely to be indiscreet the moment the father's or brother's or husband's back is turned.

This distrust of women is Memphis Tennessee mucho women amature womens mamasita general in the Sip;lo de Pro drama, and if we consider the theatre as a reflection of the times, ample bases for these attitudes are seen.