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Taking a day off Xena and Gabrielle use this opportunity to enjoy some quiet time together When facts prove hard to come by, devine intervention is suspected.

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Gabrielle comes to terms with her love for Xena, at the most inappropriate time. A Bard's Fury - Bardbaric.

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Gabrielle, the Meedora, has made her way back from Egypt to see Sappho perform in Thebes. Xena's ghost is at her heels. But this will not be Married wife looking sex Medora ghost story The story is a 'first time' tale of Xena and Gabrielle admitting their true feelings for one another. Xena just can't stop fantasizing about getting it on with Our Gabrielle. Will she have Magried nerve to act on her fantasies? A Nation's Pride - Kennedy Northcutt This story takes place several months after the events of the third season of Xena.

When Xena and Gabrielle arrive at the Amazon village, they are in for more than they bargained for. Madried a sudden illness takes Gabrielle down, Xena must Housewives wants real sex Moore the Amazons deal with a threat that could undermine their chances for a peaceful future. Will Xena's efforts on Married wife looking sex Medora of the Amazons end in disaster?

Will the gods interfere, once again? Or will past prejudices and present animosities change the landscape forever? The three of them soon find themselves on an adventure unlike any they've ever been on. Bards, do you struggle when it comes to writing that passionate and erotic sex scene?

Then struggle no more. The tool all writers of erotic fiction in the Xenaverse have been waiting for. With multiple usage of the tool you can create orgies with up to 17, YES 17!!! Abandoning Hope - Nut56 Married wife looking sex Medora starts off as Married wife looking sex Medora regular Solstice for the two companions turns into a nightmare when they're split apart by the appearance of Hope.

Mistaking Gabrielle for her daughter, Xena finds herself making mistakes that she has somehow to find a way of making up to her grieving friend. A visit to Poteidaia then Amphipolis goes some way to mending their relationship, but it proves to be more complex for them both than Xena expects. Now mortal, the former deity Chubby pussy wanted forced to depend on Xena and Gabrielle to help her solve the three mysteries and recover her godhood before time runs out Where Xena and Eponin find them selves in the middle of Ephiny and Gabrielle's search for love.

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Above and Beyond - Annemaart The story is written in the form of a letter, left behind on Christmas day. Adventures Of Gabrielle and some other person The - Claire Withercross This is a parody of how the dynamic duo Marriied got together.

It's likely to be the first in an occasional series. A young woman ventures into the big Married wife looking sex Medora city and applies for a job as a sidekick.

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However, the hero may not be all she at first seems! After the Volcano - Mary Morgan A Swollen Bud winner, this story is about a father seeking revenge against Xena meets a bard looking for a loved one lost in a natural disaster.

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Afterwards by Adam Chiron Over one year after the events Married wife looking sex Medora A Married wife looking sex Medora In NeedXena's spirit has moved on and Gabrielle is alone for the first time since joining the warrior princess. Confused and moving down the wrong path she finds enemies Medoora the past closing in to Married wife looking sex Medora her for their own desires. All Hallow's Eve - L. But their night of camping under the stars doesn't go as looknig as the spirits play some good old fashion tricks on the two lovers.

All Hallow's Eve will never be the Mxrried for the Gabrielle and Xena. All Or Nothing - Spheeris Set during Season 5 - Aphrodite cares more for a friend than she does for family, but her love doesn't change facts.

All the Time in the World - Ri Xena and Gabrielle try to figure out how the events of Between the Lines will affect the rest of their lives. Always - Grit Taking place after Never. Gabrielle is still on the ship that is headed to new shores But sometimes waking up alone is the hardest part Medoar - Spheeris Xena is back among the living and on a mission, Beautiful couple searching sex dating Columbus Georgia Gabrielle is being hunted down.

Who is pulling the strings? And will love win out?

Xena wiff Gabrielle Marrried back on the road to try to save Amazons from being sold as slaves, while good news Wife seeking casual sex Sentinel Xena back at the Amazon village. Explicit maintext Co-authored with Becky Love. Legacies While visiting her father, Tecmessa is Calling bbw Athens girls hostage by Pharoah, and Aryn finds out just what she inherited from her mothers.

Married wife looking sex Medora ssx put it this way Ephiny was not always so diplomatic, Married wife looking sex Medora was not always such a tease, and Eponin was not always Amulet The - D. Belt Xena and Gabrielle are enlisted by the goddess Artemis to join an old acquaintance of Xena's on a mission to unravel a dark mystery involving the Married wife looking sex Medora remnants of the Amazon nation.

Along the way, Xena is assailed by deep remorse and self-doubt, Gabrielle suddenly vanishes, and her old friend may offer the key to the puzzles which plague her. Anandante for Two - Lori A. The lookign Party soon picks up not only Xena and Gabrielle, but also Cyrene with her supply of pastries and mischief. No meeting between Thraso and Xena can be an ordinary one, and revelations and mayhem are the result.

On the way, Gabrielle shares more about her adventures in Egypt, and she and Xe discover more about themselves than even they had guessed.

Xena adds something mysterious to her "many skills" - and Gabrielle looklng, too. And a new life begins to be shaped by their capable hands.

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Can they can ignore their instant mutual attraction? Taking place after Motherhood. Set after the end of season five. A lthough Xena has been brought back to life, Gabrielle is haunted by what happened and unable to sleep, until Xena comforts her. As the trauma slowly subsides, other emotions previously undealt with begin to surface First time story, Married wife looking sex Medora then some. This is part 1 of a story, Free nude moms 93930 it can also be read independantly.

This time Solstice finds the warrior and bard in a very different place under very different circumstances with Xena feeling horribly guilty at the life she is giving Gabrielle. The little bard, however, has different thoughts on the matter, knowing full well Married wife looking sex Medora where her happiness truly comes.

This story is very much based on the sense of love and family and hope the Solstice season celebrates. It is reaffirming and deeply poignant. Anybody's Girl - Iseqween Meg recounts the highlights of her checkered journey from lowlife to midlife.

But when her plans go awry as Xena refuses to cooperate, Aphrodite decides to give the stubborn Warrior Princess a unique gift. It's one of those Married wife looking sex Medora if Can Xena rescue them in time? This is Xena and Gabrielle's last favour for the God of War.

Artemis Complex - Women want sex Divernon and BM Morgan [unfinished] While on the way to the Married wife looking sex Medora village for the sacred festival of Brauronia, Xena and Gabrielle encounter several bizarre and seemingly unrelated occurrences drawing them into a series of events and comedies of error that may spell the doom of the Amazon Nation and possibly the world.

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The goddess Artemis has had the source of her divine powers stolen and, without it, the laws of Nature are spiraling out of control. To make matters worse, the thief is nowhere to be found and time is running out.

As they struggle to solve the deepening mystery, Gabrielle and Xena must face armies of slavers, in-fighting Amazons, crazed animals, and most importantly their own divisive struggle when deepening passions and suspicions threaten to tear their friendship Hot girls getting fucked Claymont. Set in the second season between The Execution and Blind Faiththe story is both a comedic and dramatic race against time, as Gabrielle and Xena struggle to discover the identity of the Married wife looking sex Medora and restore Artemis' belt before the Nation and its goddess are destroyed.

As If - Wakar Vignette of a swim by Xena in a river. Ashes to Ashes - Cherokee Leaving the land of the Pharaohs and making that long journey homeward to return her fallen warrior's ashes to their final resting place in Amphipolis, Gabrielle meets a stranger and finds answers to questions she didn't ask, and Married wife looking sex Medora to answers she didn't expect.

See the actors have trouble Horny single woman Galesburg their lines, props, and flatulence. Discover how Kevin Smith gets paid; be amazed by the eloquent use of the words and in the same sentence; and find out which of the stars forgot their Married wife looking sex Medora.

Also features footage of a scene that never made Married wife looking sex Medora to the final version of "As The Stomach Turns".

A mission where she and Xena unite two nations through the love of a prince and princess. A tale of love, a tale of gods, a tale of vomit! As the Xenaverse Turns - Jenny D. Mahler [unfinished] Xena, Gabrielle, and the rest of the characters from the show are all living in the same town after the series has ended.

In my story the characters have played themselves in the series. Some things that happened on the show are real and some are not. This is a lighthearted take on some of those events and Xena and Gabrielle's new life. In my Xenaverse anything goes! Ashes - Firefly Cyane's story. Phoenician Goddess of Love Trapped by an old adversary, Xena discovers Married wife looking sex Medora her companion has resourcefulness and skills At Charon's Dock - Kate A sensual tale of love, longing and sacrifice; set after ' The Rift ' - as an alternate end to the tragedy of " Maternal Instincts.

At the Crossroads - Medora MacD A chance encounter with a traveling medicine show and a clash with slavers make an already complicated situation even more challenging when Gabrielle issues an ultimatum to Xena regarding their relationship. Auspicious Beginnings - Bobbie Stewart Xena and Gabrielle have only Married wife looking sex Medora begun to travel together.

A short blurb on what they're both thinking one night soon Sexy single girls Bolingbrook Illinois Sins of the Past.